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  The Dean : Pr Noureddine Amdouni

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Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, the greatest institution of Tunis El Manar University, a place of knowledge, passion and innovation. The Faculty has approximately 5000 students and 2000 PhD students. Resolutely focused on excellence, it relies on a high quality academic staff and has six departments (Biology; Chemistry; Geology; Computer Science; Mathematics and Physics) giving it a place of choice for various highly qualified transdisciplinary training courses and for the realization of successful research and socio-professional partnerships.

The training offer of the Faculty of Science of Tunis is renowned for its multidisciplinary and diversity. The Faculty delivers diplomas of license, Masters (Research and Professional) and Engineers (Analytical Chemistry, Electronics, Geology and Computer Science).
It also provides two types of preparatory training: program for the national admission exam to engineering schools in Biology-Geology, Maths-Physics and Physics-Chemistry and an integrated preparatory program(MPI) for access to engineering cycles of the FST. It holds two doctoral schools, one in the disciplines of Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics and Physics and the other in Geology and Biological Sciences.

The research in the Facultyis based on its 56 research structures, all of which are devoted and engaged in the development of expertise, the creation of innovation and the valorization of their research, as well as their interactions with poles of excellence and competitively.  It’s distinguished by its articulation on diverse disciplinary areas (chemistry and materials; energy; biology and health; management and sustainable development; analysis and modeling, computer science and security, electronics, engineering ...) and benefits from a national and international position in terms of quality of training and research production.  In a large number of fields, the reputation of our Faculty extends beyond our borders and several of our departments participate in international research projects, including European scientific projects, which are at the very forefront of international research.

The Dean’s team is devoted to striving for:

- cultivate excellence in teaching/trainingand research in the many fields covered by our prestigious Faculty ensures,

- continuously improve the quality of working conditions, scientific supervision, and more generally the well-being of students, academicsand administrative personnel

An important mission of the Dean will be to continue to build links with the surrounding economic tissueto strengthen the attractiveness and visibility of our Faculty and to raise the scientific challenges of the time and encourage them to investment in the sciences and technologies that constitute the future of humanity.

The actions and engagements of the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis are also at the center of the University activities. We strongly encourage our students not to be simple consumers of knowledge. They shouldalso invest themselves in the life of the University and demonstrate their attachment to their faculty by taking part in the activities of the councils, commissions and associations of the Faculty of Science of Tunis and by supporting its projects.